CCPP SciDoc for UFS-SRW v2.2.0  SRW v2.2.0
Common Community Physics Package Developed at DTC

Welcome to the scientific documentation for the physical parameterizations available in the Unified Forecast System (UFS) Short-Range Weather (SRW) Application version 2.2.0 (available through and the suites that can be configured using them. The SRW App targets predictions of atmospheric behavior on a limited spatial domain and on time scales from less than an hour out to several days.

The CCPP parameterizations are aggregated in suites by the host models. In this release, the UFS Short-Range Weather Application 2.2.0 supports suites:

Important note:
All supported suites are a recent snapshot of the UFS fork for CCPP . In this regard, they may differ substantially from the suites used in operational models. For example, the GFS_v16 Suite is not the same code as in the operational GFS v16. While the suite is nominally the same, using the same schemes as the operational version, most of the individual physics schemes hosted in the CCPP repository have changed, including new development and bug fixes compared to the versions included in GFS version 16.0, which was released on 22 March 2021. This implication should be also applied to all other suites: RAP/HRRR suites in this release do not correspond directly to the the evolving version of the RAP/HRRR physics in operations.