CCPP Scientific Documentation

Welcome to the scientific documentation for the parameterizations and suites available in the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v4.

The CCPP-Physics is envisioned to contain parameterizations used in NOAA's Unified Forecast System (UFS) applications for weather through seasonal prediction timescales, encompassing operational schemes as well as developmental schemes under consideration for upcoming operational implementations. This version contains all parameterizations of the current operational GFS, plus additional developmental schemes. There are four suites supported for use with the Single Column Model (SCM) developed by the Development Testbed Center (GFS_v15p2, GFS_v16beta, GSD_v1, and csawmg), and four suites supported for use with the atmospheric component of the UFS (i.e., GFS_v15p2, GFS_v15p2_no_nsst, GFS_v16beta and GFS_v16beta_no_nsst). The variants labelled as no_nsst are a simplification of GFS_v15p2 and GFS_v16beta suites . This simplification is needed when the UFS is initialized with files in GRIdded Binary Edition 2 (GRIB2) format instead of files in NOAA Environmental Modeling System (NEMS) Input/Output (NEMSIO) format because the fields necessary to predict (SST) are not available in the GRIB2 files.

In this website you will find documentation on various aspects of each parameterization, including a high-level overview of its function, the input/output argument list, and a description of the algorithm. The latest CCPP public release is Version 4.0 (March 2020), and more details on it may be found on the CCPP website hosted by the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC).