Hurricane WRF Developers Page

HWRF Developers Page

Welcome to the DTC HWRF developers page. The source for information concerning the developmental code for HWRF.

Most HWRF users should obtain the HWRF code through the official releases available from the Community HWRF users website. The official code releases contain stable, well-tested and documented code. Datasets, tutorials, test cases, and a help desk are available for the official releases from the Community HWRF users website. Each official code release matches the operational configuration of that year.

For those working on code development in collaboration with NOAA (with the intention of contributing code back to the HWRF project), and for those that need to use the latest experimental HWRF code, access to the HWRF code repository may be necessary. To determine if you are a candidate for accessing the HWRF code repository, please contact with the subject line "HWRF Code Repository".

This website provides an overview of the HWRF Code Repository, how to request repository access, information about code management and how to contribute code back to HWRF, details on how to check out, build and update your code, and information on forecast skill. To start, navigate to the tab on the left entitled Getting Started, and select Obtaining Repository Access. If you have already been granted repository access, skip to the next tab entitled Repository Structure.

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