Community GSI Users Page

DTC Community GSI Tutorial Presentations for 2010

Monday June 28th

  • Background and Introduction by Hans Huang (NCAR) [pdf]
  • The Fundamentals of Data Assimilation by Tom Auligne (NCAR) [pdf]
  • Overview of GSI by John Derber (EMC) [pdf]
  • Setting up and running GSI by Hui Shao (NCAR) [pdf]
  • GSI Software Design by Donald Stark (NCAR) [pdf]

Tuesday June 29th

  • Observations: PrepBUFR and BUFR by Stacie Bender (EMC) [pdf]
  • Community Tools (1): Prepbuf Converter by Ming Hu (NOAA/CIRES) [pdf]
  • Background and Observation Error Estimation and Tuning by Wan-shu Wu (NCEP/EMC) [pdf]
  • Community Tools (2): GEN_BE by Syed Rizvi (NCAR) [pdf]
  • Satellite Radiance Assimilation by John Derber (EMC) [pdf]
  • GSI Diagnostics by Ming Hu (NOAA/CIRES) [pdf]

Wednesday June 30th

  • Radar Observation Assimilation by Shun Liu (EMC) [pdf]
  • GPSRO Data Assimilation by Lidia Cucurull (EMC) [pdf]
  • 4D-Var by Todling Ricardo (NASA/GMAO), notes of Head of Trunk [pdf],
    Notes for comGSI V2 code [pdf]