Community GSI Users Page

Presentations for the 2011 DTC Community GSI Tutorial

Wednesday June 29th

  • Background and Introduction by Hans Huang (MMM/NCAR) [pdf]
  • The Fundamentals of Data Assimilation by Tom Auligne (MMM/NCAR) [pdf]
  • Overview of GSI by John Derber (NCEP/EMC) [pdf]
  • GSI management and collaboration by Hui Shao (DTC/NCAR) [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (1): Setup and Compilation by Donald Stark (DTC/NCAR) [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (2): Run and Namelist by Ming Hu (NOAA/CIRES) [pdf]
  • Community Tools (1): PrepBUFR/BUFR: Basic tools, NCEP data tank, and Obsproc by Ruifang Li (MMM/NCAR) [pdf]

Thursday June 30th

  • Background and Observation Error Estimation and Tuning by Daryl Kleist (NCEP/EMC) [pdf]
  • Community Tools (2): GEN_BE by Syed Rizvi (MMM/NCAR) [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (3): Diagnostics by Chunhua Zhou (NCAR/DTC) [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (4): Applications by Kathryn Newman (DTC/NCAR) [pdf]
  • Satellite Radiance Assimilation by John Derber (NCEP/EMC) [pdf]
  • GSI Infrastructure by Ricardo Todling (GMAO/NASA) [pdf]
  • GSI/ETKF Regional Hybrid Data Assimilation by Arthur Mizzi (MMM/NCAR) [pdf]