Community GSI Users Page

Presentations for the 2013 Community GSI Tutorial Beijing

Tuesday, May 28

  • Introduction to 3DVAR,GSI, and its Community Support [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (1): Setup and Compilation [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (2): Run and Namelist [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (3): Diagnostics [pdf]
  • Introduction to Practice Session [pdf]

Wednesday, May 29

  • Community Tools (1): PrepBUFR/BUFR tools [pdf]
  • Introduction to GSI Background Error Covariance (BE) [pdf]
  • GSI Hybrid Data Assimilation [pdf]
  • GSI Fundamentals (4): Applications [pdf]

Practice Cases

Practice cases are from "Summer 2012 DTC Community GSI Tutorial" (link)