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WRF Preprocessing System Known Problems and Fixes

Version 3.0 of the WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) was release on April 4, 2008.

WPS Version 3.0

Occational segamentation fault in metgrid: (posted 7/21/08)

Problem:A problem with the use of optional variable landmask in metgrid routine process_domain_module.F90 is uncovered when PGI compiler 7.* is used.

Solution: Download the fixed routine and replace the one in metgrid/src/ directory. Recompile WPS.

metgrid warning message when using nam data (posted 4/09/08)

Problem: A message like the following appears:

WARNING: Entry in METGRID.TBL not found for field SNOWH. Default options will be used for this field!

when running metgrid with NAM input data.

Solution: Place:


in your metgrid/METGRID.TBL.NMM file.