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WRF Preprocessing System Updates

Version 3.0 of the WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) was released on April 4, 2008.

WPS Version 3.0

New features and bug fixes

  • Support for IBM Blue Gene/L systems (Michalakes)
  • Support for Mac Intel systems with g95
  • Support for parallel compilation with MPI for g95 configurations
  • Support for Linux systems with gfortran
  • Greater flexibility in specifying geographical data set resolution to interpolate from; a sequence of resolutions to try can now be given for geog_data_res
  • Update and correct several Vtables, add comments
  • New support for JMA GSM and NCEP GFS Ensembles
  • Fully support RUC hybrid grid files (thanks to Tanya Smirnova, ESSL/NOAA)
  • Added an optional Product Definition Template column to the Grib2 Vtable. Now ungrib can distinguish between instantaneous (default) and accumulated fields (e.g. SNOWH).
  • Added ability to decode tropopause and max wind levels from NCEP Grib files. (eventually these fields will be used in real.exe)
  • Add ECMWF grid codes to g1print
  • Improve appearance of plotfmt plots
  • Metgrid will now halt if any fields contain points not covered by data
  • Added utility program calc_ecmwf_p, allowing ECMWF model-level data to be better supported (Zaengl)
  • The landmask field in geogrid can now be based off of data sets that have multiple water categories defining water regions
  • Corrected serious error in rotation of ARW wind fields from non-earth-relative input wind fields that was present in v2.2.1 (although a bug fix was released for v2.2.1 immediately after the bug was discovered on 2007-12-05)