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WRF Preprocessing System Updates

Version 3.6 of the WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) was released on April 18, 2014.

Also see 'Known Problems' in this release, which is updated as needed.

WPS Version 3.6

Bug fixes

  • Account for scaling of the data values in a constant bitmapped array. (Thanks to Matt Pyle of NCEP for the solution)
  • Increase maxlvl to 150 to accommodate ECMWF 137 level data.
  • lotgrids.ncl updated. The old version is retained as plotgrids_old.ncl

Terrain data sets updated

  • Global 12 monthly, 30-sec, MODIS Leaf-Area Index data is added. This is based on data from 2001 - 2010 (experimental only). A 10 m resolution dataset is also available. It is recommended that this dataset is used together with the MODIS landuse, and greenness fraction dataset.
  • Global 15-arc second MODIS landuse data, from Patrick Broxton and Xubin Zeng of U of Arizona
  • Global lake depth data from FLake group.
  • Lower resolution VARSSO (variance of sub-grid-scale orogoraphy) - more appropriate for lower resolution run.

New Features

  • Add the capability to specify a maximum search radius in the source data grid for the 'search' interpolation option. A maximum search radius is specified as an integer value in parentheses added directly after the 'search' keyword, e.g.,
    interp_options = ...+search(10)
    If no search radius is specified, the search will extend up to a default radius of 1200 points from the origin of the search.
  • Add 'flag_in_output' keyword to the list of possible keywords in a GEOGRID.TBL.
  • Add plotfmt.ncl for plotting ungrib output.
  • New Vtable for 20th Century Reanalysis: Vtable.TCRP
  • In support of Greg Thompson's 3d aerosol fields, treat fields found in constant files by metgrid as time-dependent to ensure that vertical levels are sorted in the same way as with other time-varying fields.


  • Unused fields SLPX and SLPY have been removed from GEOGRID.TBL files