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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

Funding to maintain WRF-NMM at the DTC has ended and support will no longer be provided. To download HWRF, please see: www.dtcenter.org/HurrWRF/users. To download WRF-ARW, please see: www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users . To download NEMS-NMMB, please see: www.dtcenter.org/nems_nmmb/users.To download UPP, please see: www.dtcenter.org/upp/users.

WRF Version 3.6.1 was released on August 14, 2014.

WRF Version 3.6.1

(Posted 10/15/2014)

Problem: Trouble Building WRFV3 for Various Compilers, and testing on IBM Platforms

Solution: Download this tar file
You will need to place the files in the following directories:
   Makefile - in the top WRFV3/ directory
   fortran_2003_fflush_test.F - in the WRFV3/tools/ directory
   fortran_2003_flush_test.F - in the WRFV3/tools/ directory
   configure -in the top WRFV3/ directory
   module_wrf_error.F - in the WRFV3/frame/ directory
Once you have these files in the right places, do a 'clean -a', then reconfigure and recompile WRFV3.

Compilation Troubles (Posted 10/15/2014)

Problem: There is an additional space between 'mpi_x_comm_size' and the opening parentheses in one of the if-def lines in the 'module_io_quilt.F' file. This causes the compile to break for some compilations, since the substitution pattern is not found.

Solution:Replace with this newer version of module_io_quilt.F. Place in the WRFV3/frame/ directory and change the name to 'module_io_quilt.F', then recompile code (no need to do a 'clean -a' or to reconfigure).

Building WRF Serially (Posted 10/15/2014)

Problem: WRF is not capable of building serially with no nest.

Solution: Replace with this version of mediation_feedback_domain.F. This has some additional code that will now allow it to build serially with no nest. Place in the WRFV3/share/ directory and rename to 'mediation_feedback_domain.F', then recompile the code (there is no need to do a 'clean -a' or to reconfigure).

IBM Compilers (Posted 10/15/2014)

Problem: Some IBM compilers (particularly older ones) complain that the code is too complex to build (referring specifically to 'module_first_rk_step_part1.o).

Solution: Replace with this version of module_first_rk_step_part1.F, which removes unnecessary code. Place in the WRFV3/dyn_em/ directory and rename to 'module_first_rk_step_part1.F', then recompile the code (there is no need to do a 'clean -a' or to reconfigure).

Restart Issues (Posted 8/14/2014)

Problem: Tests revealed that the following options do not produce correct restart results: TEMF, Thompson aerosol-aware (mp_physics=28), and global runs

Solution: Work will be underway to fix these; a fix will be provided when available

MAC Mavericks OS (Posted 8/14/2014)

Problem: Current WRF/WPS code does not support CLANG, the default c compiler on this Mac OS

Solution: Work is underway to resolve this issue. In the meantime, one can install gcc instead

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