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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version 2.2.1

Compiling and Running Nests on SGI Altix

Problem: The nesting in V2.2.1 was broken for SGI Altix system.

Solution: Download altix-nest-mods-2.2.1.tar.gz file to the WRFV2 directory. Unzip and untar it. This will provide updates for external/RSL_LITE/module_dm.F, external/RSL/module_dm.F, share/mediation_feedback_domain.F, share/mediation_force_domain.F, and share/mediation_interp_domain.F. Recompile after first doing a 'clean -a'.

Bug fix for nest simulations

Problem: There was a problem with the sun angle computation when a nested domain was started later than the coarse domain.

Solution: Download solve_nmm.F and RDTEMP.F to WRFV2/dyn_nmm/, rename, and replace the ones there. Recompile.