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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version 2.2

Bug fix for RSL_LITE

Problem: There is a bug in the rsl_lite code. It was discovered when Intel's OpenMPI was used.

Solution: Download rsl_bcast.c to WRFV2/external/RSL_LITE/ directory, remove *.[oa] in that directory, and recompile. Even if one does not have any problem running the code using rsl_lite, it is recommended to install the patch.

Compiler errors

Problem: There are reported instances when a compiler failed to compile one or more of these routines: solve_nmm.F, start_domain_nmm.F, start_nmm.F, and so on in WRFV2.2.

Solution: Edit configure.wrf file, and list the un-successfully compiled routine under the current list of 'compile these without high optimization'. Use one of the routine in the list as an example. Make sure you add the routine in the list of dependencies, as well as a list of .o files for the compile rules to apply.

Update for Thompson scheme (Posted 5/25/07)

Problem: The new Thomspon scheme released in V2.2 has been updated to correct a few bugs. If one has experienced lowups, the updates should help.

Solution: Download module_mp_thompson.F to WRFV2/phys directory, rename and replace the one there. Recompile.

Bugs in share/module_soil_pre.F (Posted 5/15/07)

Problem 1: String message needs more than 32 characters.

Problem 2: Real variable landmask is being printed as an integer. Should use a real floating point format.

Solution: Download this module_soil_pre.F to V2.2 WRFV2/share/ directory, rename and replace the one there. Recompile.

Working with Older Version of WRF (Posted 1/9/07)

Problem: If for any reason you would like to use any output from WRFV2.2 (real and wrf.exe) with pre-V2.2 WRF, you would have a problem with the netCDF I/O change in V2.2.

Solution: Download this wrf_io.F90 to V2.2 WRFV2/external/io_netcdf/ directory, rename and replace the one there. Recompile.

PGI F90 Compiler Version 6.1-1, 6.1-2, 6.1-3 (Posted 1/9/07)

Problem: If you have PGI Fortran 90 compiler versions 6.1-1, 6.1-2 and 6.1-3, you may experience problem with running WRF code.

Solution: Upgrade your compiler to 6.1-4 or late versions.

WRF Post-Processor (v2.0) (Posted 1/9/07)

Problem: timef not declared consistently in all routines of WRFPOST

Solution: Declared timef as real*8 in WRFPOST.f. Download this WRFPOST.f to wrfpostproc_v2/sorc/wrfpost directory, rename and replace the one there. Recompile.