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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version was released on August 22, 2008.

WRF Version

Bug Fix for time series output (posted 2/09/09)

Problem: An error was reported in computing earth-relative wind component for time series output - they were rotated by the negative of the correct angle.

Solution: Download the corrected routine, wrf_timeseries.F, to WRFV3/share/, rename and recompile.

Bug Fix for GRIB1 model output (posted 2/09/09)

Problem: An error in one of the Grib flags was found by the AFWA operational group, causing the winds to be interpreted as "earth relative".

Solution: Download the corrected routine, grib1_routines.c, to WRFV3/external/io_grib1/, rename and recompile. If you are using an earlier version of the model code, please consult with wrfhelp.

Bug Fix for RRTM Longwave Radiation Scheme (posted 10/24/08)

Problem: Two bugs were discovered by Mike Iacono of AER for the RRTM longwave radiation scheme (ra_lw_physics = 1). The first is the ozone profile which is upside down, and the second is a missing factor of 0.6 to get the ozone to volumn mixing ratio. These would affect long simulations but can be up to 0.5 K per day less radiative cooling in the upper and lower levels, little effect at the mid-levels, and about 8W/m-2 at the surface.

Solution: Download the modified module_ra_rrtm.F to directory phys/, rename and recompile.

NMM nest restarts (posted 8/22/08)

Problem: Restarting of the NMM now works properly for single-domain forecasts but restarting of NMM nests does not. Users should not attempt to restart NMM nests for the time being.

Occasional Spurious High PBL Height In MYJ Scheme (posted 8/12/08)

Problem: MYJ PBL scheme occasionally produces unrealistically high PBL and high TKE in sporadic columns. This is reported by PSU researchers.

Solution: Download the modified module_bl_myjpbl.F (from PSU). The scheme computes the PBL depth by using the TKE profile criteria from Penn State, instead of the current MYJ method that searches for the first level of background TKE. This fix reduces the PBL height in general.

OpenMP compile in V3 (posted 8/12/08)

Note: In general, it is not recommended to compile NMM with OpenMP as it is not well tested.

Problem 1: WRF build mechanism does not actually incorporate OpenMP when smpar and dm+sm are selected. This is fixed in V3.0.1.

Solution 1: After running configure and selecting either (smpar) or (dm+sm) option, edit the resulting configure.wrf file and add $(OMP) to the FCFLAGS line.

Problem 2: Certain physics options do not work correctly with OpenMP compile. These are cu_physics = 3 (Grell-Devenyi) and 5 (new Grell 3D scheme); mp_physics = 7 (Goddard GCE) and 10 (Morrison); and ra_lw_physics = 3, ra_sw_physics = 3 (both CAM radiation). There is no known problem with these physics options if OpenMP is not used. Likewise, there is no known OpenMP problems with other physics options.

Solution 2: Do not attempt to use the above listed options with OpenMP compile.

Using shared libraries with netcdf 3.6.2 and later (posted 7/21/08)

Problem: If one encounters the following problem at runtime:

wrf.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libnetcdf.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

It probably means that you are using netcdf 3.6.2 with shared library build enabled.

Solution: For PGI compiler 6.1 or later, one can add -R/usr/local/netcdf/lib to LIB_EXTERNAL macro in the configure.wrf file, so the line looks like:

LIB_EXTERNAL = $(WRF_SRC_ROOT_DIR)/external/io_netcdf/libwrfio_nf.a \ -L/usr/local/netcdf/lib -lnetcdf -R/usr/local/netcdf/lib

Or, one can rebuild netcdf without shared library option enabled.

The same fix should be applied to WPS configure file, configure.wps.

Running WRF-NMM V3 with nesting (any mp scheme) or WSM5 or WSM6 on the NCAR IBMs (4/8/08)

Problem: When running the WRF-NMM with nesting (either one-way or two-way regardless of the mp scheme) or the microphyics packages WSM5 or WSM6 on one of the NCAR IBMs (bluevista or bluefire), the model stops almost imediately.

Solution: Change the configure.wrf to set FCOPTIM = -O2, rather than -O3 -qhot. Recompile.

Compiler Errors in V3 (4/8/08)

Problem: There are instances when a compiler failed to compile one or more of these routines: mediation_feedback_domain.F, mediation_force_domain.F, mediation_interp_domain.F and so on in WRFV3.0.1.

Solution: Edit configure.wrf file, and list the un-successfully compiled routine(s) under the current list of 'compile these without high optimization'. Use one of the routines in the list as an example. Make sure you add the routine in the list of dependencies, as well as a list of .o files for the compile rules to apply.