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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version 3.1 was released on April 9, 2009.

WRF Version 3.1

Character array length (posted 5/19/09)

Problem: The size of a character array used in writing status messages is too short.

Solution: Increase the size of the character array used in writing status messages from 80 to 256 on line 91 of dyn_nmm/solve_nmm.F
then recompile.

Compilation Problem on IBM Using XLF Compiler (posted 4/30/09)

Problem: Several users have reported errors compiling WRFV3.1 under version and of the IBM XLF Fortran compilers. Errors are of the form:

"filename.f90", 1517-023 (S) The aliasing table size is insufficient. Recompile specifying the ALIAS_SIZE option with a value of 1073741824."

The errors have been reported for share/wrf_timeseries.F and phys/module_radiation_driver.F.

Solution: Disregard the instruction in the error message concerning ALIAS_SIZE. Instead, modify the two files to move the "USE module_domain" statement so that it appears before rather than after the "USE module_dm" like this (delete the lines with "-" and adde the lines with "+"):

Index: share/wrf_timeseries.F
--- share/wrf_timeseries.F (revision 3829)
+++ share/wrf_timeseries.F (working copy)
@@ -367,8 +367,8 @@

SUBROUTINE write_ts( grid )

+ USE module_domain
USE module_dm
- USE module_domain


Index: phys/module_radiation_driver.F
--- phys/module_radiation_driver.F (revision 3829)
+++ phys/module_radiation_driver.F (working copy)
@@ -1246,8 +1246,8 @@
,kts, kte &
,num_tiles )

+ USE module_domain
USE module_dm
- USE module_domain
USE module_bc
USE module_model_constants

Runtime problems with intel 9.1 (posted 4/30/09)

Problem: Using -ftrapuv and -fpe0 with the Intel 9.1 compiler is known to cause floating point exceptions in some cases where NMM nesting is being run, as well as reproducibility problems with NMM restarts. These problems do not appear to occur when using Intel 10.1.

New Thompson Scheme with g95 (posted 4/30/09)

Problem: We have encountered some problem with the new Thompson scheme with the use of g95 compiler: the model cannot pass the initialization phase.

Solution: Use the old Thompson scheme (98) for the time being until it is fixed.

GWD option within nested domains (4/9/09)

Problem: The newly added option of gravity wave drag is only available for the coarsest domain. No information will be interpolated down to any nested domains at this time so the GWD option will not impact the nested domains forecasts.

Solution: No update is available at this time.