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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version 3.3 was released on April 6, 2011.

WRF Version 3.3

Problem with new configure script (posted 4/8/11)

Problem: There is a problem with the new configure script on Opensuse and Ubuntu Linux. It will fail on creating configure.wrf file, and may result in file removal in the top WRFV3 directory. If configure.wrf has successfully been created, then this fix doesn't affect you.

Solution: If files are removed from WRFV3 directory, you will have to redownload the V3.3 tar file, or re-untar the file. Then download the configure_fix.tar file in the WRFV3 directory. This file contains a new configure script, and a new arch/configure_new.default file.

Ifort compilation of v3.3 (posted 4/6/11)

Problem: With the use of ifort 10.1, the model may seg fault with CAM and RRTMG radiation options with default compiler option.

Solution: Reduce the optimization level from -O3 to -O2 appears to resolve the problem.