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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version 3.6 was released on April 18, 2014.

WRF Version 3.6

Option cu_rad_feedback (Posted 5/14/2014)

Problem: In V3.6 this option (which lets the radiation see the sub-grid cloud produced by some cumulus schemes) is not activated. This affects the Grell schemes (Grell 3, Grell-Freitas, and Grell-Devenyi) and the Kain-Fristch (KF) scheme (if the KF scheme is used with the "cu_rad_feedback" option activated).

Solution: Download the fixed routine to WRFV3/phys/ directory, and rename it to module_physics_init.F. Recompile.

Bug Fix for option swint_opt (Posted 5/14/2014)

Problem: An error is introduced in 3.6 for this option (which interpolates shortwave solar radiation to each time step at the non-radiation steps). When this option is turned on, both SWDOWN and GSW (net) should be affected, but GSW was left out. This affects SLAB, RUC, PX and CLM as well as topo_shade, and sst_skin options.

Solution: Download the fixed radiation driver file in the phys/ directory, and rename it to module_radiation_driver.F.

Configure file for some OS using PGI Compiler (Posted 5/14/2014)

Problem: With some mpich installations, using the PGI compiler still requires mpif90 -f90=pgf90. We have added additional options to accommodate it.

Solution: Download the fixed configure_new.defaults file to the arch/ directory.

Bug fix patch (posted 5/14/14)

Solution: Download this tar file in the WRFV3/ directory, untar it, and you should have all the files listed above in their correct directories (no renaming is needed).

Restart Issues (posted 4/24/14)

Problem: Tests revealed that the following options do not produce correct restart results: TEMF, Thompson aerosol-aware (mp_physics=28), and global runs.

Solution: Work will be underway to fix these.