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WRF Modeling System Updates

The WRF model tar file has been updated to Version 3.1.1 on July 31, 2009. Most of the updates are bug fixes for the 3.1 release.

The WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) has also been upgraded to Version 3.1.1.

WRF Version 3.1.1 new features, updates and bug fixes

WRF-NMM specific updates

  • No WRF-NMM specific bug fixes included in this release.

General updates


  • QNSESFC - remove print.
  • BEP URBAN - allocate large arrays only if used (save space) - fix for nested runs.
  • PX LSM - initialize surface snow when nudging not used, fix surface nudging interval to use sgfdda interval, restart problem.
    • QNSE sfclay, QNSE PBL and Noah LSM
    • QNSE sfclay, QNSE PBL and RUC LSM
    • MM5 sfclay, YSU PBL and RUC LSM
  • RUC LSM: use ACSNOM, and allow time-varying background albedo.
  • Correct for a few typos in LANDUSE.TBL.
  • Thompson and Thompson07 - allocate at run time (save space).
  • LIN MP - fix units for WRF-Chem part. Minor change for rain evaporation calculation from Peter Blossey (UW).
  • Surface_driver - fix for logicals set in OpenMP sections.
  • CAM radiation - allocate local large arrays at run time (save space). Partially fixed OpenMP issue, but for global and adaptive time step cases, these are still not resolved.
  • Physics_init- clean-up use of ONLY.
  • If mp_zero option is activated, it extends to the boundary zone. It also modifies scalar and chem species.


  • Memory requirement per processor reduced.
  • Compilation using IBM xlf 12 compiler.
  • Improved compile option for blue gene.
  • Remove diagnostic prints from decomposition.