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GFS NoahMP Land Surface Model


This implementation of the NoahMP Land Surface Model (LSM) is adapted from the version implemented in WRF v3.7 with additions by NOAA EMC staff to work with the UFS Atmosphere model. Authoritative documentation of the NoahMP scheme can be accessed at the following links:

University of Texas at Austin NoahMP Documentation

NCAR Research Application Laboratory NoahMP Documentation

A primary reference for the NoahMP LSM is Niu et al. (2011) [141].

The CCPP interface to the NoahMP LSM is a driving software layer on top of the actual NoahMP LSM. During the run sequence, code organization is as follows:

Note that noahmp_glacer() and noahmp_sflx() are the actual NoahMP codes.

Intraphysics Communication

General Algorithm of Driver