CCPP Scientific Documentation
noahmpdrv Module Reference

This module contains the CCPP-compliant NoahMP land surface model driver.


subroutine, public noahmpdrv_init (me, isot, ivegsrc, nlunit, errmsg, errflg)
 This subroutine is called during the CCPP initialization phase and calls set_soilveg() to initialize soil and vegetation parameters for the chosen soil and vegetation data sources. More...
subroutine, public noahmpdrv_finalize
subroutine transfer_mp_parameters (vegtype, soiltype, slopetype, soilcolor, parameters)
 This subroutine fills in a derived data type of type noahmp_parameters with data from the module noahmp_tables. More...
subroutine penman (sfctmp, sfcprs, ch, t2v, th2, prcp, fdown, ssoil, q2, q2sat, etp, snowng, frzgra, ffrozp, dqsdt2, emissi_in, sncovr)
 brief Calculate potential evaporation for the current point. Various partial sums/products are also calculated and passed back to the calling routine for later use. More...
subroutine, public noahmpdrv_run (im, km, itime, ps, u1, v1, t1, q1, soiltyp, vegtype, sigmaf, sfcemis, dlwflx, dswsfc, snet, delt, tg3, cm, ch, prsl1, prslki, zf, dry, wind, slopetyp, shdmin, shdmax, snoalb, sfalb, flag_iter, flag_guess, idveg, iopt_crs, iopt_btr, iopt_run, iopt_sfc, iopt_frz, iopt_inf, iopt_rad, iopt_alb, iopt_snf, iopt_tbot, iopt_stc, xlatin, xcoszin, iyrlen, julian, rainn_mp, rainc_mp, snow_mp, graupel_mp, ice_mp, con_hvap, con_cp, con_jcal, rhoh2o, con_eps, con_epsm1, con_fvirt, con_rd, con_hfus, weasd, snwdph, tskin, tprcp, srflag, smc, stc, slc, canopy, trans, tsurf, zorl, snowxy, tvxy, tgxy, canicexy, canliqxy, eahxy, tahxy, cmxy, chxy, fwetxy, sneqvoxy, alboldxy, qsnowxy, wslakexy, zwtxy, waxy, wtxy, tsnoxy, zsnsoxy, snicexy, snliqxy, lfmassxy, rtmassxy, stmassxy, woodxy, stblcpxy, fastcpxy, xlaixy, xsaixy, taussxy, smoiseq, smcwtdxy, deeprechxy, rechxy, sncovr1, qsurf, gflux, drain, evap, hflx, ep, runoff, cmm, chh, evbs, evcw, sbsno, snowc, stm, snohf, smcwlt2, smcref2, wet1, t2mmp, q2mp, errmsg, errflg)
 This subroutine is the main CCPP entry point for the NoahMP LSM. More...