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Common Community Physics Package Developed at DTC
ozphys_2015 Module Reference


subroutine ozphys_2015_init (oz_phys_2015, errmsg, errflg)
subroutine ozphys_2015_run (im, levs, ko3, dt, oz, tin, po3, prsl, prdout, pl_coeff, delp, ldiag3d, dtend, dtidx, ntoz, index_of_process_prod_loss, index_of_process_ozmix, index_of_process_temp, index_of_process_overhead_ozone, con_g, me, errmsg, errflg)
 The operational GFS currently parameterizes ozone production and destruction based on monthly mean coefficients ( ozprdlos_2015_new_sbuvO3_tclm15_nuchem.f77) provided by Naval Research Laboratory through CHEM2D chemistry model (McCormack et al. (2006) [128]). More...