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cires_ugwp Module Reference


subroutine, public cires_ugwp_init (me, master, nlunit, input_nml_file, logunit, fn_nml2, lonr, latr, levs, ak, bk, dtp, cdmbgwd, cgwf, pa_rf_in, tau_rf_in, con_p0, do_ugwp, errmsg, errflg)
 The subroutine initializes the CIRES UGWP. More...
subroutine, public cires_ugwp_finalize (errmsg, errflg)
 The subroutine finalizes the CIRES UGWP. More...
subroutine, public cires_ugwp_run (do_ugwp, me, master, im, levs, ntrac, dtp, kdt, lonr, oro, oro_uf, hprime, nmtvr, oc, theta, sigma, gamma, elvmax, clx, oa4, do_tofd, ldiag_ugwp, cdmbgwd, xlat, xlat_d, sinlat, coslat, area, ugrs, vgrs, tgrs, qgrs, prsi, prsl, prslk, phii, phil, del, kpbl, dusfcg, dvsfcg, gw_dudt, gw_dvdt, gw_dtdt, gw_kdis, tau_tofd, tau_mtb, tau_ogw, tau_ngw, zmtb, zlwb, zogw, dudt_mtb, dudt_ogw, dudt_tms, du3dt_mtb, du3dt_ogw, du3dt_tms, dudt, dvdt, dtdt, rdxzb, con_g, con_pi, con_cp, con_rd, con_rv, con_fvirt, rain, ntke, q_tke, dqdt_tke, lprnt, ipr, ldu3dt_ogw, ldv3dt_ogw, ldt3dt_ogw, ldu3dt_cgw, ldv3dt_cgw, ldt3dt_cgw, ldiag3d, lssav, flag_for_gwd_generic_tend, errmsg, errflg)
 These subroutines and modules execute the CIRES UGWP Version 0 The physics of NGWs in the UGWP framework (Yudin et al. 2018 [183]) is represented by four GW-solvers, which is introduced in Lindzen (1981) [109], Hines (1997) [83], Alexander and Dunkerton (1999) [2], and Scinocca (2003) [161]. The major modification of these GW solvers is represented by the addition of the background dissipation of temperature and winds to the saturation criteria for wave breaking. This feature is important in the mesosphere and thermosphere for WAM applications and it considers appropriate scale-dependent dissipation of waves near the model top lid providing the momentum and energy conservation in the vertical column physics (Shaw and Shepherd 2009 [162]). In the UGWP-v0, the modification of Scinocca (2003) [161] scheme for NGWs with non-hydrostatic and rotational effects for GW propagations and background dissipation is represented by the subroutine fv3_ugwp_solv2_v0. In the next release of UGWP, additional GW-solvers will be implemented along with physics-based triggering of waves and stochastic approaches for selection of GW modes characterized by horizontal phase velocities, azimuthal directions and magnitude of the vertical momentum flux (VMF). More...


logical is_initialized = .False.