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WRF Preprocessing System Known Problems and Fixes

Version 3.6 of the WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) was released on April 18, 2014.

WPS Version 3.6

Running program geogrid using MPI (Posted 5/14/2014)

Problem: In v3.6, we introduced the ability in geogrid to write flags (global attributes) for any fields in the GEOGRID.TBL; however, geogrid was failing when run with multiple MPI tasks. The problem was that the calls to the WRF I/O API to write global attributes should only be made on the master task, rather than all tasks.

Solution: Download the fixed file, output_module.F, and place it in WPS/geogrid/src directory. Recompile.

plotgrids.ncl (Posted 5/14/2014)

Problem: The 'plotgrids.ncl' file that comes with the WPSV3.6 tar file has a bug in it, causing it to produce a fatal error when it is run.

Solution: Inside the WPS/util/ directory, there is another file called 'plotgrids_new.ncl. This is the correct file to use.