WRF-NMM Users Page

WRF-NMM User Support

Funding to maintain WRF-NMM at the DTC has ended and support will no longer be provided. To download HWRF, please see: www.dtcenter.org/HurrWRF/users. To download WRF-ARW, please see: www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users . To download NEMS-NMMB, please see: www.dtcenter.org/nems_nmmb/users.To download UPP, please see: www.dtcenter.org/upp/users.

wrf-news email list

wrf-news is an email list for communicating with WRF users. Emails will be sent to this list for new WRF releases, updates, bug fixes, and user meeting announcements.

When you download the WRF software, you are asked to provide some information, including your email address; that email address is used to subscribe you to wrf-news. When your subscription information has been received, an email will be sent to you to confirm the subscription. One may access emails posted to the list with a password.

You may also consider subscribing to the wrf-users list.