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WRF Preprocessing System Updates

Funding to maintain WRF-NMM at the DTC has ended and support will no longer be provided. To download HWRF, please see: www.dtcenter.org/HurrWRF/users. To download WRF-ARW, please see: www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/users . To download NEMS-NMMB, please see: www.dtcenter.org/nems_nmmb/users.To download UPP, please see: www.dtcenter.org/upp/users.

Version 3.6.1 of the WRF Pre-Processing System (WPS) was released on August 14, 2014.

Also see 'Known Problems' in this release, which is updated as needed.

WPS Version 3.6.1

Improvements and bug fixes

  • geogrid:
    • Fixed a MPI issue related to writing flag values introduced in 3.6 (posted on Known Problem page on 5/14/2014)
    • Fixed util/plotgrids.ncl (posted on 5/7/2014)
  • ungrib:
    • Grib 2 library updated
    • Allow for soil level code 118
    • Option to process GFS U, V, T at tropopause and maximum wind levels (use Vtable.GFS+TROP)
    • README file is added in ungrib/Variable_Tables/
  • metgrid:
    • METGRID.TBL, interpolation option for soil fields have changed from 'average' to 'weighted-average'. This results in smoother-looking fields
    • Support 3-digit year
    • Fixed a problem in utility calc_ecmwf_p.F if missing data is present

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