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WRF Modeling System Known Problems and Fixes

WRF Version 3.4 was released on April 6, 2012.

WRF Version 3.4

WRF-NMM restart runs (posted 4/20/12)

Problem: WRF-NMM restart runs not working properly for compilations with no nesting (i.e., nesting option = 0).

Solution: Compile WRF-NMM with basic nesting (i.e., nesting option = 1). A fix for this will be posted as soon as one becomes available.

Compile V3.4 with ifort (posted 4/6/12)

Problem: With the use of ifort 10.1, the model may seg fault with RRTMG radiation options with default compiler option.

Solution: Reducing the optimization level from -O3 to -O2 appears to resolve the problem.

OpenMP And MPI for some physics in V3.4 (posted 4/6/12)

Problem: Certain physics options do not work correctly with OpenMP or MPI compile:

  • mp_physics = 9 (Milbrandt-Yau scheme) (OpenMP)
  • sf_urban_physics = 2 (BEM) (OpenMP)
  • ishallow = 1 (OpenMP and MPI)
  • There is no known problem with these physics options if OpenMP or MPI is not used.

    Solution: Do not attempt to use the above listed options with OpenMP or MPI compile.

    Two-way nesting with serial compile (posted 4/6/12)

    Problem: Erroneous solutions present in the parent domain with serial compile using PGI, ifort, and gfortran.

    Solution: Compile with the parallel option.

    Reading binary data into WRF (posted 4/6/12)

    Problem: Reading binary output from WPS into WRF is currently not working correctly on Linux platforms. This problem only affects binary input into WRF; binary output from WRF is working properly.

    Solution: Use netCDF output from WPS. A fix for this will be posted as soon as one becomes available.