WRF-NMM Users Page

WRF Modeling System Updates

The WRF V2.2.1 is compatible with WPS and backward compatible with SI real output. One must add two new namelist records (&fdda and &grib2) to your namelist.input file from previous releases (see namelist.input files in test/nmm_real/ directory for an example).

Note: wrfinput_d01 and wrfbdy_d01 from V2.2 and V2.2.1 cannot be used in previous releases of WRF.

WRF Version 2.2.1 new features, updates and bug fixes

WRF-NMM specific updates

  • Added capability to use WPS output with NMM

General updates


  • Microphysics
    • Thompson scheme
      • Parameter updates
  • Cumulus Physics
    • GD
      • Fix for potential undefined value
    • KF
      • Minor change to specify upper melting layer.
  • Land Surface Physics
    • NMM
      • Modified to properly use all soil information if RUC fiels are being used to initialize a simulation using the NOAH/NMM LSM.
  • Atmospheric Radiation
    • GFDL:
      • The value of DEGRAD was being misused for conversion from radians to degrees of latitude. This affected only ozone computations.
      • The time going into the mean zenith angle computation was sligly off.
    • RRTM:
      • Fix to use skin temperature instead of extrapolated air temp in RRTM radiation.
  • PBL
    • MYJ
      • Limit 2m/10m diagnostic T and q to prevent unrealistic outputs in MYJ PBL scheme.